John Taylor


John commenced employment with Randle and Co in December 1983. He has worked consistently and extensively in almost every area of the law in an extremely busy environment acting for numerous demanding clients, both corporate and individual who have been involved in a variety of matters.


He has appeared in numerous courts and tribunals as counsel, junior counsel and solicitor in the civil and criminal jurisdictions regularly since 1983.


John has attained a good working knowledge of the Rules of the Supreme Court, the District Court and the Magistrates’ Court dealing with these Rules on almost a daily basis. He appears in the Supreme Court, District Court and Magistrates’ Court at least four to five times per week, and often several times per day.


John has had the conduct of appearing regularly in the Supreme Court in respect of:-

  • Mortgagee possession matters

  • Corporations Act

  • Inheritance Family Provision Act proceedings

  • Caveat proceedings

  • Injunction and Enforcement proceedings


He has extensive knowledge of insolvency law acting regularly for liquidators, receivers and administrators pursuant to the Corporations Act and for trustees pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act all of which involves acting in commercial matters of a complex nature, covering many areas of the law.


John regularly issues proceedings pursuant to the Competition and Consumer Act (formerly the Trade Practices Act) which relate to unfair practices such as false and misleading conduct and proceedings involving those provisions of the Act which deal with conditions and warranties in consumer transactions.


He has argued a variety of procedural and interlocutory matters, having appeared in trials and on appeals. He has worked regularly in matters dealing with real estate and is familiar therefore with the practices of the Lands Titles Office, having lodged a variety of applications and documents with such office. This knowledge too is of course useful and relevant to disputes which arise in the Magistrates’ Court.


John has acted in numerous personal injury matters over his thirty years as a lawyer.


He has prepared numerous wills, powers of attorney, powers of guardianship and acted in a number of matters involving the public trustee and trustee companies and appeared in the Guardianship Tribunal.




Nick McCabe

Nick was admitted to practise in February 2000.


Nick has attained a good working knowledge of the rules of the Supreme Court, District Court, and Magistrates Court, dealing with the rules on an almost daily basis.


Nick regularly appears in the Supreme Court, District Court and Magistrates Court.


Nick has experience in the Corporations Act, Inheritance Family Provision proceedings, caveat proceedings, injunction/enforcement proceedings, contractual disputes, sale of business disputes, partnership disputes.


His particular strengths include decisiveness, efficiency, quick thinking, the ability to arrive at practical solutions and an ability to deal with and understand people. The ability to effect resolutions of issues between parties in dispute.








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